Nearby Stars Virtual Observatory
Welcome to the Nearby Stars Virtual Observatory. From it's beginnings in 1997, prior to the NASA NStars project, our mission has been to provide Current & Accurate data and information about these stars that is easily accessible. Our current database radius
is 25 parsecs (@ 82 light years) which contains approx. 4000 stellar systems / objects.
It is Not our purpose to provide ALL known data about these Near Stars, this exists elsewhere (in varying degrees) in papers, studies, Institutions, Databases, Astronomy Mission specific sources, etc.. However, we provide a meaningful amount of data for professional researchers and others interested in the Near Stars, in a more controllable format that allows us to keep it updated.
Please use this site for your Nearby Stars quick reference research & interests. Comments, feedback, error reports, etc. are always welcome and will be responded to immediately. Interested Astonommers and Volunteers are encouraged to participate in this ongoing project as there is always much missing data to be sought out and included into our database.
Contact: Jerry Blackwell 215 Stone Ter., Palm Springs, CA 92264 ph: 760-424-8418 email:
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